HATCH Crispy Egg with Coriander


( 1 Container )


Categories : Crispy Egg


Brand : HATCH

Product Name : HATCH Crispy Egg with Coriander Display (Freeze Dried)

Category : Healthy Food Snack. Ready to Eat.

Ingredients :

  • Chicken Egg 80%
  • Lactose 7.5%
  • Coriander 4%
  • Spinach 4%
  • Potato Starch 3.5%
  • Salt and Natural Color 1%
  • NO MSG

Sizes and Color : Dark Chocolate Color

Size : 7 x 13 x 7.5cm ( Width, Length, Height ) 

Net Wt : 37g /per container

Total Wt : 87g /per container

Appearances :

The snack itself appears to be in a size of a bite with light cream ellipse shape. Each piece’s size is approximately 1.5 x 2.3 x 1 cm (WxLxH); crispy when bite. It is filled within plastic handy package of PP no.5 (Food Grade). The package is specially made for its thickness and enclosed with aluminum foil preventing the snack from sunlight, air, and moisture with additional help from silica gel. The package is designed intentionally with additional lid, so it can be reused for other purposes.

Descriptions :
Freeze Dried Crispy Egg with Coriander is made from whole egg; mixture of egg white and egg yolk with precisely grinded coriander and spinach. Due to their well selected natural ingredients, Freeze Dried Crispy with Corn are naturally sweet and richly scented to consume.
  • 100% Natural
  • Ready to Eat
  • Light weight and convenient to carry
  • NO preservative
  • NO MSG
  • Expire within 12 months
  • Easy to eat deliciously with nutritive value
  • High natural protein support active immunity
  • Contain varied vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6, D, Choline, Inositol, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Potassium
  • Nourish brain and prevent abnormal condition of nervous system
  • Suitable to use as gift and snack along with either hot or cold beverage

Innovation Technology :
Using innovated production of Freeze Dried by freezing it to the freezing point then lower the pressure where evaporation is taking place. This technology of preserved food production provides most beneficial nutritive vales in terms of deliciousness, scent, natural color, taste, and texture of the food itself.

Allergy Information : Contains Lactose and Eggs

Certified Standard :

  • GMP


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